MGB Bonnet Struts: A pair of gas struts can now raise your bonnet effortlessly to an incredible 80 degrees! Struts give full access to the engine compartment, support the bonnet on both sides, and keep it level instead of letting it droop on one side. To close the bonnet, just pull it down gently and let the gas struts ease it down onto the catch. It’s that easy! Kits are available for steel, aluminum, or fiberglass bonnets; MGB or MGC.

MGB/MGC Boot Struts: The trunk strut kit lifts the boot lid to the normal height, but with two struts to support it on both sides and keep it level. The really big advantage of gas struts is that there’s no danger of damaging the boot lid by closing it before remembering to release a prop-catch. The price of our gas strut kit is less than having a bent boot lid repaired.

MGB/MGC GT Hatch Struts: What about hatchbacks? We have a great kit for that too! Press the release button and the hatch rises on its own. To close, just push down. Installation is simple, with only four holes to drill. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes.

MGB/MGC/MG Midget Bonnet (Hood) Strut Kit ....................... USD $50.00/kit
MGB/MGC/MG Midget  Boot Lid (Trunk Lid) Kit ........……....... USD $50.00/kit
MGB/GT and MGC/GTRear Hatch Kit ..………………….......... USD $65.00/kit
MGB/GT and MGC/GT Interior Decklid Single Strut Kit .....;;.....USD $25/kit
MGB/GT and MGC/GT Interior Decklid Dual Strut Kit................USD $50/kit

Add USD $12 for shipping and handling per each kit. (plus USD $3 per kit if paying by PayPal.) 

All strut sets come with mounting hardware and illustrated instructions for easy installation.


Strut kit as installed on a 1978 MGB
Right side bonnet - you **may** need to drop the fuse block down by about one inch on pre-1975 MGBs
Left side of bonnet
Strut kit as installed on 1968 MGC
Left side of boot - uses factory mount on bootlid; bracket provided for lower end of strut
Right side of boot  as installed on a non-telescopic prop MGB/MGC
Bootlid kit as installed on a rubber bumpered MGB - Uses factory mounting brackets on left hand side of boot.
Left side of boot as installed on an MGB that originally came with a telescopic prop.
Right side of boot as installed on same car
GT hatch strut kit as installed on a rubber bumpered MGB/GT - also works with MGC/GT
Positioning of strut when hatch is closed