Pieces of Eight! has served the MG community since 2004, providing gas charged struts for MGB bonnets, MGB and MGC bootlids, and MGB/GT and MGC/GT hatches.

These kits were the first on the marketplace and were conceived by Ian Pender in 1996. Hundreds of kits have been sold over the years by both Ian and Rick.

The bonnet kit is designed for use on steel, aluminum, or fiberglass bonnets. The bonnet kit is not intended for use on right-hand drive MGBs as there is not enough clearance between the brake master cylinder and the strut body.

Bootlid kits can be used on either early MGBs and MGCs with the fixed prop rod or on the later MGBs with the telescopic prop rod.

GT hatch kits can be used on either MGB/GTs or MGC/GTs.

A kit is now available for the bonnet and bootlid of the modern Midget!

​Pieces of Eight! also offers Pontiac Fiero seats for sale and has reupholstry service (using Mr.Mikes kits) available. Prices available upon request.

To get an order form, please e-mail:

mgstruts@aol.com OR mowog1@aol.com